Welcome to our professional and personalized rental management service!

At DIDELON IMMOBILIER, we understand that managing rental property can be a significant challenge. This is why whether you own an apartment, a house, a building or a group of properties, we are here to support you and take care of all the responsibilities linked to the management of your property. .

Our team will provide you with a worry-free experience throughout your rental journey.

Our rental management services include:

1.Search for reliable tenants:
We implement an effective strategy to find solvent tenants who respect the premises.

2.Contract management: We take care of the drafting and management of rental contracts, ensuring that all legal clauses are respected.

3.Collection of rents: We ensure timely and facilitated collection of rents, with rigorous monitoring of payments.

4.Maintenance and repairs: Our team supervises the regular maintenance of your property and takes care of any repairs if necessary.

5.Tenant Relations: We maintain open communication with tenants and manage any questions or concerns they may have.

6.Administrative follow-up: We take care of all administrative tasks, including tax declarations, to offer you worry-free management.

7.Advice and optimization: We provide you with sound advice to optimize the profitability of your rental investment.

With management by DIDELON IMMOBILIER, you can have peace of mind. Trust us to manage your property with professionalism, diligence and transparency.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your rental management needs.

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